IMPORTANT - Community wide Trash pick Service

Community Wide TRASH Pick-up Service is here – Starts SEPT 29th. Finally, after nearly 6 months of intense preparations, your Board has voted to implement a single community wide Trash pick-up service, starting from September 29th 2014. So, what does this mean for you and our community?

  • All homeowners within James Creek HOA community will be serviced by a single Trash pick-up company .
  • All trash will be picked up on the same day throughout the community each week
  • Number of Truck movements within the community will be significantly reduced. And the amount of pollution and wear and tear on our roads will be reduced.
  • Numbers of days that Trash cans are left out on the street, will be reduced to just one day each week
  • It will be much easier to ensure that trash cans are put away, in a timely fashion, after pick-up.
  • Community will ecstatically improve by not having Trash cans out every day of the week. It will also make it easier for HOA to issue violations to homeowners who leave their trash out on non-pickup days

The list goes on......

After an extensive search and bidding process Sanitation Solutions has been contracted by the HOA to provide community wide service. Sanitation Solutions already services more than a third of our community. It is a local company based in Cumming and is a family run business with HOA having direct access to the owners of the company. 


Your HOA dues will include the Trash pick-up service. 

HOA Assessments

The board understands that having to pay your annual HOA dues in a single payment can impose a significant financial burden on our members, especially after a major holiday (Christmas). The board has decided, after reviewing our cash flow requirements across the year, that it would be possible to split the HOA dues into two installments. The first installment would become due on January 1st year. Therefore beginning with 2015 financial year, HOA dues will become payable in two installments (January and July) each year. In order to ensure our cash flow isn't impacted by late payers, from January 2015, late fees and interest rate on any outstanding balances will be increased.

Service Commencement 

The service will begin from September 29th

Details of Service

The service will offer weekly pickups on a single day (Mondays) for both your household waste and recyclables. The entire community will be serviced on the same day. Two trash cans will be delivered to every home starting from Mid-September. A 95 gallon bin for household waste and a 95 gallon bin for recyclables. An 18 gal bin will be available as an option for recyclables. If this is option is desired, then you must contact the property manager (via email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) prior to September 2014 and specifically request an 18 gal bin for recyclables. 

Bulk service pick-up will also be available, if you need to dispose of bulky items (e.g. mattress, sofa’s, etc) Sanitation Solutions must be contacted in advance to arrange pickup, you will be provided with pick-up day and time to leave your bulky item outside.

If you using a different Trash pick-up company

If you are currently using another trash pick-up company, you should contact them immediately to ensure your service is cancelled from end of September 2014. If you have taken out a prepaid annual contract, you should contact the company to request a refund for the unused portion of service (which is October through December 2014). Staying with your current provider (other than Sanitation Solution) after September 2014 is NOT an option.

What do I have to do to enroll?

Nothing – Trash bins will be delivered to ALL homes starting Mid-September 2014, and your pick-up will start on Monday 29th September. Just make sure you have canceled your service with your current provider. 

My home is empty, so I don’t need Trash pick-up service.

Let Sanitation Solutions or property manager know and they will suspend your trash service. But ALL homeowner MUST still pay their HOA assessments in full. 

I am already with Sanitation Solution, what do I need to do?

For current Sanitation Solution customers, if you have already taken out annual pre-paid contract or already paid-up for October through to December service, Sanitation Solutions will issue a refund for the three months. If you do not receive a refund, then please contact Sanitation Solutions directly. 

HOA has the legal right to enforce a specific Trash pick-up company on homeowners

Our governing documents (covenants) have specific provisions to enable the board to appoint and enforce a single community wide trash pick-up service and add the costs of the service to the HOA assessments (Cov Section 7.13). If you have any questions about the service, please contact the Krista, Property Manager at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or you may call her at (470) 239-7703.

Jayesh Patel
JC HOA President